Razer Naga: A Hi-Tech Mouse Marvel for Video Games

The Razer Naga MMOG Laser Gaming Mouse is a no-nonsense, extremely versatile if not incredibly awkward hardcore gamer piece of equipment. This 17 button, fully customizable laser mouse will allow you to pretty much do anything you wish in games such as World of Warcraft, Battlefield Bad Company 2, etc… where there are a lot of buttons for the numerous inventory and action keys. While this is a good thing, it is almost impossible to use this mouse effectively unless you’re a cyborg that can reprogram years of muscle memory by the time you pull the mouse out of the box. For the rest of us, expect to be highly frustrated with this almost $80 mouse or get ready to spend a good 20+ hours learning how to utilize all this mouse has to offer and re-learning how to play your favorite game with it.

What I do love about this mouse is that it’s extremely responsive and comfortable, two things done with excellence on this mouse. It was also a breeze to install on both my Windows XP and Windows 7 computers, instant recognition which made installing it a snap.

The Razer Naga has a 3.5G laser sensor, 1ms of response time, 200 inches per second max tracking speed, and the ability to use optional MMO-specific software Add-Ons to fully utilize the 12 button thumb grid. TheTechInsider.org has said that this has the most powerful sensor available right now!

I was overwhelmed with this mouse and the sheer amount of documentation you’ll need to read in order to use it properly, plus getting use to that thumb grid can be tricky especially when you first start using it to play games. The Razer does address this by adding a raised guide track on the 12 button thumb grid that you can remove once you get the feel for where all the keys are.

I used this controller on both the Battlefield Bad Company 2 demo and World of Warcraft. During my play time with it in Battlefield it was awkward, there isn’t an add-on yet for Battlefield to fully utilize the 12 button thumb grid, so configuring the controller and remembering which key did what wasn’t ideal when being shot at by numerous noobs taking advantage of my situation.

The add-on for Warcraft definitely made things more organized once you acclimate yourself to the new control system. You can even mod the 12 key thumb grid in game for World Of Warcraft, so once you level up you can simply add your new attribute to one of the 12 keys or switch them out in a flash.

Overall this is a pretty good mouse, love the feel and size of it, very comfortable to use. On the bad side it’s expensive, takes a while to re-learn how to use, there aren’t enough add-ons available to fully take advantage of the 12 key thumb grid, and there should be some kind of tactile feel to the 12 key thumb grid.

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